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The CPA originated after many years of experience as an international corporate trainer and facilitator on Leadership and team dynamics within Project Management environments. 

Feedback from many workshop attendees, department managers, project managers and executives consistently highlighted the challenges, frustrations and dysfunctional conditions under which people were expected to perform their duties to the "Best of their abilities."

In navigating my way through the challenges looking for direction, was born the desire to create a system that would help organisations, regardless of industry, to bring awareness of priority issues to leaders who were committed to transforming their company - especially those that wish to be instrumental and actively involved in the change, instead of just delegating it.

Des Allen

Our Vision

To globally introduce a Human Centred approach towards Leadership in Organisations, that focuses on Employee and Management needs that enable the expression of true potential for the Workforce and the fulfilment of Company Standards and Reputation as a whole.

Our Values

We bring the core fundamentals for positive personal and organisational growth through Functionality, Adaptability and Sustainability that is fed by:

Open & Honest Communication, Trust, 

Transparency & Recognition

Our Passion

Our Passion to assist organisations is founded in 25+ years of corporate in-house training and consulting that has culminated in the development of an Executive, Management and Human Resource Tool, that was years in the making and truly serves the organisation and everyone involved - at Every Level.

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Origins of the Culture Risk Analysis

... having spent 25+ years working in the corporate sector consulting and conducting workshops for major organisations locally and internationally. 

This background coupled with previous years as an IT and Business consultant and studies in Organisational Behaviour, Abnormal Psychology and Psychotherapy, provided golden opportunities to work with the some of the worlds largest organisations.

A small example include: 

IBM: For 5 years on IBM's World Wide Project management initiative facilitating Project Leadership and Advanced Leadership workshops.

Fletcher Challenge: 10 years delivering Leadership and Behaviour based workshops, Fatigue Countermeasures and Emotional Energy Management Workshop

Hewlett Packard:  4 years with Hewlett Packards delivering Leadership and Project Management Fundamentals and accepted multiple invitations to deliver training at their annual Project Management University gatherings. 

Singapore Airlines: 3 years facilitating Team Dynamics and Work Culture based workshops. 

Shell Oil:  4 years delivering Project Leadership and Emotional Energy Management (Working in High Pressured Environments) workshops Leadership and Cultural change across Sth. East Asia.  (For more see desallen.com)

This international exposure enabled closer inspection of how company's worked and how that affected working cultures and company performance - Operationally and Financially.

The main challenges they faced as companies, transcended international and cultural boundaries and were basically the same.


Underlying Culture Challenges

Great Leadership at EVERY LEVEL Creates Great Companies

From workshop attendees over the years around the world, it was clear that an enormous amount of time and money was wasted and lost unnecessarily, due to the way people interacted and related to each other. 

This is the primary breeding ground for multiple dysfunctional cultures to evolve - within the same company. 

A main indicator was where Management (including Executives) failed to maintain connection with the workforce thereby missing opportunity to develop strong professional relationships and work ethic. 

Shareholder demands, KPI's and Performance were a common focus that was shared. The real human centred issues and what was really driving the company, were being ignored in the majority of cases.

More specifically - employees not being listened to; not having constructive feedback; not having a 'voice'; feeling undervalued and not being 'part' of the company; unrealistic expectations on work completion timeframes; and little or no concern on the personal impact decisions made had on a person. 

"At times we're not treated very well, we are only there to get the job done..." as one workshop attendee politely and succinctly put it. 

Variations on this theme was often presented regardless of the countries in which I conducted the workshops.

A core message here is, that poor working cultures transcend international boundaries. 

This is what led to me designing and developing the Company & Culture Risk Analysis. 


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